Margarita cocktail, MARGARITA BLUE, bar/restaurant, Barcelona

Directly from Jalisco, Mexico, we suggest cocktails that mix the best tequilas with juices and spices, from the always refreshing Tequila Sunrise, and the classic Margarita, to the tasty Sangrita.


Origen'Ale cocktail (Made in Margarita Blue), MARGARITA BLUE, bar/restaurant, Barcelona

The nice Caribbean sugar cane is the base of all rums. Margarita Blue has an accurate selection of them, that mixed with fruits and herbs are a gift that remind us of the sweetness of these lands. Our selection goes from the refreshing Origen Ale, created at the Margarita Blue, to the Mojito, Piña Colada, Mai Tai and Zombie. Not to mention our classic Daiquiri that even Hemingway would love.


Singapore Sling, MARGARITA BLUE, bar/restaurant, Barcelona

Colourless as vodka and of the same alcohol content and with a wide range of flavours, depending on the brand, is the fashion liquor and perfect for every combination. It is exotic and fruity like in the Singapore Sling, classic and very dry in a Dry Martini, refreshing in aTom Collins or perfect as an aperitif in a Negroni.


Cava cocktail, MARGARITA BLUE, bar/restaurant, Barcelona

Cava is Catalan Champaign and combines, like his French cousin, with fruits and syrups. From the classic Cava Cocktail, to the Kir Royale and the very well known Aperol Spritz.


Brazil cocktail (Made in Margarita Blue), MARGARITA BLUE, bar/restaurant, Barcelona

For those you prefer a refreshing alcohol free drink: Fruits of the season mixed with tropical flavours. From the typical San Francisco, to all types of juices and shakes.


Piña Colada & Sex on the Beach, MARGARITA BLUE, bar/restaurant, Barcelona

Arrived from the gelid winters of northern Europe, combines very well with all kinds of fruits, spices and other liquors. We have a wide selection of vodkas to obtain, among other combinations the famous "Sex and the city" Cosmopolitan, the best anti-hangover, the Bloody Mary, the sickly sweet Sex on the Beach or the intrepid Long Island with four other liquors.


Cocktails with whiskey, MARGARITA BLUE, BarcelonaFrom the jazz clubs and with a taste of wood and caramel and long nights listening to Duke Ellington. The best bourbon to make, in combination with druits the refreshing Whiskey Sour or the woody and also refreshing Old Fashioned, and the always classic Manhatan.


Grasshopper, MARGARITA BLUE, bar/restaurant, Barcelona

There are some cocktails that cheer you up and feed you at the same time. Milk or cream are the base and the liquors, wisely mixed, are a very good idea for a dessert. The Alexander mixes the sweet and slightly cacao taste with the cinnamon flavour. The Grasshopper with mint flavour or the White Russian, like an nigh time "cafe con leche", that Jeff Bridges made famous in "The Big Lebovsky"