La carta del Margarita


Chicken Fajitas, MARGARITA BLUE, bar/restaurant, Barcelona

A very elaborate selection of Mexican cuisine: Chilli with meat, Hot mole chicken, Enchiladas, Fajitas...... and also our tasty hamburgers prepared with the best beef from Girona, for all tastes.
The fajitas, a Mexican dish..... A whole range of possibilities as varied and multicultural as our clients.

  • Fajitas
    Sautéed peppers, onions and tomatoes with:
    Chicken 13,50€  Shrimps 16,50€  Vegetables 12,00€ Chicken Masala 14,00€
    All fajitas are served with guacamole and warm tortitas.
  • Ropa Vieja 11,90€
    Spicy shredded meat with tomato sauce, served with rice and warm tortitas.
  • Pollo al Hot-Mole 11,90€
    Shredded chicken cooked with large chillies, pasilla chillies, sesame seeds, cocoa beans and peanuts, served with rice, green beansand and warm tortitas.
  • Enchilada 11,40€
    Tortita with chicken stuffed, dipped in home-made sauce with grilled cheese.
  • Enchilada guacamole 11,90€
    Tortita with chicken stuffed and guacamole, in home-made sauce, and grilled cheese.
  • Enchilada vegetal 11,90€
    Seasonoal grilled vegetable tart and goat cheese with grilled cheese topping.